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   I am considering having The Meaning of Life According to the Mosquito made into a screenplay. Several of my reader's have told me they think my book would make a great family film.  I have to share a secret.  When I wrote my book, it only took me 6 weeks to put it down on paper. The reason it was so easy to write, is because it played like a cartoon movie in my head.  I simply wrote what I saw. Now, I don't know if other authors experience the same kind of thing, but I believe it was sort of downloaded into my head by the Lord.  He asked me to write what I saw. I had no passion at the time to write, and I basically told the Lord, "If you want me to write a book, you'll have to give me the passion."  When I saw the movie playing in my mind, I started to describe everything I saw and heard. The characters were alive in my head. The story literally jumped out my head and onto the page.  The passion that came was unbelievable, I couldn't sleep or eat, and I wasn't even tired or hungry. It consumed me.  

    So do I believe it should be made into a movie. I do one hundred percent!  It was a movie in my mind, and I think it would be fantastic if everyone could see it come alive!

I've won an award and recieved a five star reveiw

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Hey guys, I'm super pleased to announce my book has recieved an award at Topaz Publishing, for most emtional YA novel.  Also check out my five star review from Reader's Favorite.

Reviewed By Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite


“What is the Meaning of Life?” That’s the question to which Prince George wants to find the answer in The Meaning of Life, According to the Mosquito by Debora Broadhead. Prince George, heir to the throne of the Great Swampland, is nervous about his coronation ceremony. He doesn’t feel he’s worthy to rule the mosquito kingdom alongside his father, the King. He’s also not ready for the arranged marriage to Princess Anaya. George refuses the throne, yearning to explore the world to discover the meaning of life. He sets off on his quest with guards, Flick and Smack. While the Prince is touring exciting mosquito cultures, the Dragonfly Gang attacks the kingdom. George returns to find the Great Swamplands in devastation and feels remorse. He ponders his future in the Great Swampland, while comparing it to the ones on his quest.


The Meaning of Life, According to the Mosquito by Debora Broadhead is very entertaining. This is one of the most original stories I have ever read. Although the characters are insects and the setting is mainly swampland, it is so realistic. The author created a story that makes me feel she is describing humans instead of insects. There is never a dull moment as Debora Broadhead writes creatively. The descriptive plot contained a mixture of humour and sadness which the characters displayed naturally. Young adults can relate to George, who wants to find himself before taking on serious responsibilities. This is a book children and adults will enjoy.


Book signing

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Well I  had my first book signing today. All went very well.  My nerves were intact, which was unbelievable since I could hardly breathe when I woke up and remembered today was the day.  I was thrilled to see my  friends drop by and pick up a copy. Surprisingly, I even had two men purchase a book. Infact, one was my first customer. Many said, they could hardly wait to read it. That made my day. I sold around 16 copies in the first hour. My host was gracious enough to provide snacks and drinks. After receiving a signed copy, my guests  relaxed and visited with each other. I had everyone sign a guest book and put their names in a draw for a free book.  Overall, the day was a great success. Now onto the next book signing in Prince George on the 19th. 

Up coming event

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I will be attending my first book signing at Books and Company in Prince George on July 19 at 1:00 pm. Come and purchase a book and get it personally signed.

It's Official, I'm a new author!

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My book has finally hit the market, and I couldn't be more excited!  I look forward to hearing from my readers and replying to letters. However, it's back to school for me.  I am a complete newbie; I feel like a student attending college for the first time. Everything is new and exciting. I have to admit, I am not too savvy at getting around on the web.I thought I was, but, boy was I wrong.  In fact, other than Google (which I use everyday), my email, facebook, Ebay or Amazon, I had to accept the fact, I really didn't know how to navigate around. Browsing blogs, and managing a website for the first time, has been quite the challenge for this newcomer. But, I am eager to learn the ropes. I realize that if I want to be successful at marketing my book and connecting with a wider audience, I have to join blogs, and learn from others who have mastered the trade. I have been reading, and scouring the net, checking out blogs and more blogs. A few new words (at least new to me), had me scratching my head a few times. Such as; blog follower, blog host. To a newbie, I didn't know the difference between the two.  Subscriptions and fees follow depending on what you choose to do, follow or host.

I joined a new writer's guild too, and a yearly fee was required as well. Wow, this could get expensive. But I reason, the information I will learn will all be worth it in the end. Hopefully, I will make a few more friends in the process. Wish me luck. If you have any advice for this newbie, please share. I look forward to hearing from you.

At Home in Canada

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Greetings! Spring has officially arrived in the Central Interior of British Columbia. The familiar V patterns overhead and the honking of the trumpeter swans, confirm the rumors to be true. We gladly welcome them home again. Birds of all kinds, in fact, are making their way north, to their summer breeding grounds. This is the time of year when we get a sneak peak, at huge migrating flocks of birds, which arrive in every size and color. The robins are always the first to appear, even when the snow still covers the ground. They seem to adapt to the lingering winter weather just fine. Their arrival, like the swans, convince us, (even when our senses like to argue the point), spring has truly arrived.

The large birds of prey have ventured home as well. Eagles, owls, hawks and osprey have returned to reclaim their nests once again, and to establish their territories. The constant calling back and forth of the crows, reminds us love is in the air. The cheerful sound of birds tweeting in the morning, are a welcome sign.

Birds however are not the only species that declare spring’s arrival. We cannot forget to mention the biggest indicator of all; the horribly dreaded mosquito. We Canadians, handle their return reasonably well. In fact, the hardiest of us, hardly notice them at all. Their irritating bites come with the territory. It’s truly not spring until you have received your first bite.

The notorious mosquito is the hero in my story: The Meaning of Life According to the Mosquito, By Debora Broadhead; is an adventurous tale of a mosquito named Prince George. The royal prince embarks on a quest with his two faithful squires, Flick and Smack, to discover what the meaning of life is all about. Their adventure leads them to Vancouver, California, Arizona and Mexico. While on their travels, their enemy the dragonfly gang invades their kingdom. They must return home to defend it. This book will give you a unique glimpse of the world, seen through the eyes of a mosquito.