Debora Broadhead

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About the Author

Although I was born in Eastern Canada, in Montreal Quebec; (one of the largest cities in Canada), I grew up in Western Canada three thousand miles away, in one of the smallest villages in British Columbia. I graduated, married, and raised my family, all in the same village. Growing up in the Central Interior I became all too well acquainted with the mosquito. Its Lakes, rivers, swamps and ponds are perfect breeding grounds for them. The mosquito is a common sight.


Hovering like tiny helicopters singularly or in large groups, they regularly visit us in the early mornings and evenings, and after rain showers. They attack, persistently, and without mercy; leaving us with numerous swollen red marks that itch with a vengeance. There is hardly a person alive who has not encountered at least one of these insects in their lifetime. They are known for carrying viruses to humans, and animals alike. Just recently, the West Nile virus has made it to our own small corner of the world, endangering the birds and horses in our area. Mosquitoes are truly a nuisance in the north.


Mosquitoes provoke a response of deep hatred, which is shared equally around the world, immediately upon the mention of their name. People have wondered for centuries; what is the purpose of the mosquito? Is it just here to inflict misery upon us? These questions are what made me think of writing a book about mosquitoes. I wanted to imagine life through their eyes; to catch a glimpse of what it is like to be one of them. I hope my readers connect with my characters and that they find themselves thinking twice before they smack their next mosquito.